20 Common Dental Problems and Tooth Diseases

Introduction: Only those who face teeth problem can truly tell you how bad it is. So you should be always careful of your teeth and take proper care of them. Avoiding acidic food and brushing your teeth twice a day can help you a lot in this work. I am going to discuss with you 20 different dental problems which you can face in your life if you do not take proper care of them. Read carefully and try to keep away from them.

Tooth Erosion

Some foods contain bad acid for your teeth. Drinking or eating that kind of food can cause tooth erosion. You have to avoid eating acidic food and drinking beverages. It is healthy to clean your teeth after an hour of having this kind of foods.

Oral Cancer

Smoking and excess alcohol consumption can cause oral cancer. It causes severe bleeding inside your mouth and damages the tooth structure. If you face this kind of symptom, you should immediately take dental care. This cancer can also effect in your lips, gums and others area of your mouth.


Tooth space is a common dental problem which is known as a diastema. This problem causes the irregular shapes of your teeth. Some of the gaps can be small or big. Braces are the most common way to prevent diastema.

Dry Mouth

Salivary glands make saliva and keep your mouth wet. In dry mouth condition, salivary glands do not produce enough saliva. Saliva keeps you away from tooth decay. So, dry mouth can cause bad teeth problems.

Impacted Tooth

Impacted tooth prevents the breakthrough of the gum. X-Ray can only determine the symptom of this disease. All type of impacted tooth does not need treatment. So, consult with a dentist and ask him/her what to do.

Cracked Teeth

A crack tooth can cause tooth pain. You can feel this pain when you start to chew some foods with your teeth. It is good to visit a dentist quickly when you encounter this kind of problems. This type of teeth problem can be easily solved.


Tooth decay or cavity causes toothaches. It causes tremendous pain in your tooth. This kind of disease can cause fever and headache too. If this goes in this phase, you should consult with a dentist as soon as possible. Try to keep your teeth hygienic to prevent toothaches problem.


The dental problem which causes by bad breath is known as halitosis. Oral cancer, gum disease or other critical teeth condition can be the reason of bad breath. Regular mouthwash can keep you away from this kind of problem.


When you eat sugar-rich food, they used to combine with plaque and causes cavities. Cavities attack your tooth enamel. There is a myth that cavities are children tooth decay problem. But the truth is it can happen to you at any age. Try to brush your teeth twice in a day to keep away from this teeth condition.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is also popular as gum disease. Affects the gums around your teeth. It can cause tooth loss from your jaw. It usually shows up after a certain age. Regular dental check-up and brushing can help you in this term.

Mouth Sores

Mouth sores come in different shapes and make your eating difficult. Tissue injury inside your mouth causes mouth sores. This type of disease can make you physically weak. Try to avoid heavy spicy food and acidic vegetables. You need to visit a dentist regularly if you are facing this problem.

Crooked Teeth

Usually when your teeth do not get enough space for themselves, then they started to get twisted. You will face a problem in chewing foods with this type of teeth. It can also increase the risk of broken teeth. In this modern world, you can quickly get rid of this problem.

Stained Teeth

If you do not take proper care of your teeth, then it can bring you stained teeth. Using teeth whitening product cannot be a solution to this problem. You should try to brush twice in a day and choose your food habit wisely to get rid of stained teeth.

Tooth Sensitivity

During drinking cold water if you feel pain or sensitivity in your teeth, then you have teeth sensitivity. This type of problem mostly comes among us. The main reason for this problem is your receded gums. Lack of enamel in the root also causes this problem. Try to keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

Chipped Tooth

Enamel is out covering of your teeth and protects your teeth from harmful substances. But when you lost it, it can cause teeth cracking. Chipped tooth start teeth decay and cavities. It is good to talk with an expert to get rid of this problem.

Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is common for deciduous teeth. But losing a tooth after that is a severe problem. The bad dental condition can cause teeth pain and even fall of them. This tooth pain solution can be done only by taking proper care of them.

Bruxism Problem

Grinding tooth in medical science is known as bruxism. Bruxism problem can occur for the reason of abnormal biting or crooked teeth. This teeth problem can even cause tooth loss. If you are facing the challenge of grinding during your sleep, you can use a mouth guard to protect your tooth from it. If it causes pain, take some teeth pain medicine.


Having more teeth than the normal is known as hypodontia. This is also damages the shape and placement of your teeth. Paramolar, distomolar, complex odontoma are the name of some hypodontia teeth. This condition can also cause gums bleeding, fabry disease, and cleft palate. You can remove them from your mouth by the help of a dentist.

Tooth Abscess

When bacteria attack in your dental pulp, you can face a tooth abscess. It can happen in every part of your mouth. It can also cause tooth pain, sensitivity, and even toothache. If you find yourself in this condition, you should immediately contact a tooth abscess expert.

Wisdom Teeth Problem

Wisdom teeth usually appear in the last part of your jaw. You should be aware of your wisdom teeth when you are brushing. Because sometimes your brush does not reach the last part of your mouth. It can cause infection and damage in your wisdom teeth and trigger dental condition.


I can write several things and can tell you what will be good for your health. But the real choice is yours. It is your choice to be healthy and happy in your life. If you want, you can take proper care of your teeth for better service. If you don’t want one, you can avoid it. I always try to motivate you to do good things. You can share your opinion on the comment box below and don’t forget to like and share them with your friend.


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