Skin Care for Girls

Going out to a party? For many girls, it means time in front of the mirror with an array of cosmetics. Minutes, sometimes an hour or more. A recent research shows that girls spend almost 7 years of whole life in front of a mirror to take care of her skin, to make herself brighter and last stage they mostly go to a skin doctor. “Skin care” the word means a huge area. Some common problem that most girl face and also come out easily where some serious that that person has to pay a lot.

 Most common problems:

Skin Care

• Oily skin problem:

The girl who has oily skin always in tensed! No make-up or face powder suits, even in summer they are fearful to go outside because of the excess sweating. Again, oily skin needs more care than others, dust effect more and may cause serious hamper.Last but not least, according to a research pimple affect much on oily type skin.

• Dry skin problem:

This type of skin people has to face fewer problems than others. But the main factor is-as the skin is dry, sometimes it behaves so much rough and lifeless which is irritating.Another point is that drier skin needs more time cleaning with water otherwise it generates deadcell.

• Mixed skin problem:

“Mixed” it seems sound to hear. But the problem is that girl cannot define the type of skin as result skin doesn’t get proper treatment.


Lots of problems! But the solution is simple as people can’t imagine! Actually most cases it doesn’t need any medicine or prescription. The problem comes itself and just goes away within a few days. Though some careful point should be maintained to ensure a lovely smooth skin.

Drinking pure water as much possible, cause water refresh internal organ- that the skin is free from all kinds of hassle.

Washing face more than 5times in a day, It removes dust and harmful object which ensures a clear spotless skin.

Using herbal products is good practice. Neem leaf and aloe vera are useful for skin and it is scientifically proved.

Avoid cosmetic as much possible. Though it is not possible it is the most effective solution. Before using it on the skin have to sure about product quality. and review.

After a party or hang out all makeup should be washed clearly with cool water. It is good to skin.

Using moisturizing cream is good for skin.

If a pimple or blackhead occurs don’t need to bother, wait for 2/3days to vanish it!

A proverb goes that, don’t disturb your skin, if you do skin disturb you more, Healthy food and sound lifestyle is the best solution of all problem.

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