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Five faster Effective Joint and Muscle Pain Relieve Tips

Introduction: A proper routine makes our life better. Without a proper routine, you will start to face physical problems like muscle pain, joint pain, , and many others. If you sleep all day long and do nothing, then you will get the result in your muscles and joints.

Our body needs some regular labors to getting relief from them. Enough sleep and regular exercise is a keyword for a healthy life. If you are facing problem in your life, you have to follow some rules to recover. I will tell you some tips which can help you in your pain relieve journey.


Use Heat therapy

We need regular exercise for better health. But training should be in a range for your body that it can effort. If you do heavy exercise in excessive rate, you will face pain in your muscles and joints. There are many ways to get relief from them. Using heat therapy is one of them. Fill a pot with cold water and wrap it in a towel. Press the cold sheet in your muscle where you feel pain.It will reduce the muscle inflammation and spasm which will help you to reduce your pain. It can be an excellent treatment for acute injuries.

You can also use hot water for treatment. Towel wrapped hot water increase the blood circulation of your body.Cold water therapy is right for short-term pains, and hot water pots are suitable for long-term pains. But both of them can help you to get relief from arthritis pain, neck pain, back pain, and fibromyalgia. Before using them be sure that they are in a bearable temperature.You can use the methods several times in a day.

Do not use hot water therapy immediately in a hot wound because it will only increase the pain. Try to use cold therapy directly to reduce the inflammation rate of the injury.Heat therapy is also useful for joint pain treatment. If you do not take sufficient break between the heat therapy, it will be worth nothing. After all this still, if your pain does not recover, it is good to come in contact with a physician.

Take an Epsom Salt Bath

Sometimes your body needs some break from busy life. It wants to relax and rest. Taking an Epsom salt bath can help you in this work. It is not regular salt. Epsom salt is rich in minerals and found in natural springs. You just need a tub with hot water in a touching temperature. Add some Epsom salt and relax in the water.It will break down into magnesium and sulfate. Your skin will absorb the minerals, and it will help you to get relief from pains.

Warm water will relax your muscles and joints. You will feel weightless and comfortable. It can be a healthy treat for your skin, arthritis pain and insomnia.Make sure that the Epsom salt appropriately dissolved with the water. Usually, one or two cups of Epsom salt are enough for standard size tub.

It is an old way to get rid of pain and aches. Hundred of years back, people have used it. You can call it an ancient medicine for your muscle and joint pain.You can buy it in drug stores and even from some natural food stores too. If you are a regular weightlifter, you can try this. Taking Epsom salt bath once a month will make you feel fresh, better and far from pains.

Get an Oil Massage

After a tough week, every muscle started to kick pain. Getting an oil massage can be a way to get relief from joint pain. Many physicians suggest taking an oil massage once a month. If you can afford, you can take a massage from a professional. But you can also do it by yourself.

Adding some coconut oil with the base oil at the room temperature can be a perfect oil mixture for your massage. You can gently drop the oil and massage the place where you are feeling pain. It will make the blood circulation better and help you to get relief from the pain.

When a professional man gives you a massage, they twist your muscle and body in a unique technique. Their massage produces heat and gets the blood pumping. This will improve your skin and remove the toxin from your body.  Stretching muscles also enhance the functionality of the body.

A long massage helps you to reduce flab. It will also release essential hormones to calm your mind. Regular full body oil massage will help you to get relief from lower back pain. Rubbing of oil also removes the dead skin of your body. If you are not feeling good, you can go and have an oil massage. I bet, you will feel better than before.

Take some Rest

Rest is a method to relax your muscles and joints. If you are doing exercise regularly, you need a proper rest for your health too. When you exercise, you tear your muscle fibers. The muscle fibers only rebuild when you rest. If you do not rest in a proper amount, then the exercise is useless. It will just cause pain in your muscles and joints.

Sufficient amount of rest also reduces the percentage of falling injury. If you overuse your muscle without proper rest, your body will suffer. If you are beginners at the gym, you have to take more rest than others. You have to understand; the muscle does not come in a flow.

You have to follow the rules and wait for your body to prepare for taking heavy loads. Overtraining sometimes affects your sleep too. Your night sleep will be harmed due to restlessness. Nothing will improve, only the pain will increase. It can be a way to get relief from neck pain.

Rest helps to decrease our heart rate and calm our body. It also helps to repair muscle fibers and improve the immune system. At some point, you will find out that the rest is motivating you to exercise more. Mental peace will be harmed without proper rest. We are not telling you to rest all day long but the sufficient amount that your body needs.

Drink Plenty of Water and Breathe Deeply

Our body is made of 70% water. Every person should drink eight glasses of water every day. The number of glasses can be changed according to your activity. If you walk more, drink more to balance your body fluids. Your brain starts to release mechanism to make you feel thirsty when you get low in fluid. If you don’t drink enough water, then your muscle will not work correctly.

Sufficient amount of fluid is essential for your body when you exercise. It is a natural medicine for all type of diseases. When you are in pain, you feel weak and stress. Taking a deep breath at that moment can help you to calm your heart down. Abnormal breathing increases the tension and pain.

A deep breath can help you to get relief from arthritis pain. It will help to relax your body and release the pressure that you are holding. Regular exercise of deep breathing can improve your mental health and blood flow. It is a natural painkiller. So for your body, try to drink enough water and practice deep breathing. Both of them will pay your doubt in full.


Our body is a complicated science. It is unique and needs to be taken care. To maintain good health, you should run by law. Over-exercise can cause muscle and joint pain. You should be careful about them. If you are already a victim of acute pain, you can follow our tips and get rid of them. Hope you have liked our hard work. Don’t forget to like comment and share.

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