better Memory and Remembering Everything

5 Tips for having better Memory and Remembering Everything

Introduction: People used to believe that memory loss is unavoidable. After a certain age, everyone lost the power of remembering everything. But the modern study started to unfold new stones. They find out that memory loss is not related to your age. You can improve your memory capacity with some simple works. Memories are stored in your brain and brain is a complicated body part. I will discuss some of the ways to improve your memory. Read them carefully and apply them in your life for having better memory remembering ability.

5 Tips for having better Memory and Remembering Everything


There are two types of memory, long-term, and short-term. Long-term memory can store massive amount of information for a long period. Like, your father or mother phone number can be recalled by you after a long time too. Because of your decision to store the numbers of your parent in your long-term memory.

On the other hand, short-term memory tends to keep information for less period. Like, you are walking beside the road, and you encounter bus. If anyone asks you immediately what is the color of the bus, you can answer them. But if anyone asks you the same question after a day, you will not be able to answer that. Because you have decided to store it as a short-term memory.

You can solve your long term and short term memory loss problem with meditation. Meditation helps to improve your cognition and focus. Our brain is processing information every time and losing them too. You have to be focused to keep data for a long time in our brain. A study shows that after meditation, your brain started to collect information in less amount but helps to store it for a long period. A straight eight-week meditation can improve your memory and remembering power.

Drink Coffee

Coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine is a psychoactive substance which can help you to improve your brain function and boost metabolism. There is a debate about whether it can really enhance your memory or not. Some tea and chocolates are also a good source of caffeine, but coffee is the most significant source of caffeine.

Research finds out that caffeine can boost up your long-term memory. Researchers claim that at least 200 mg of caffeine intake is necessary for getting a better result. More inputs can help you more in this process. The result cannot be found within some hours; you have to wait at least 24 hours for effect to show up.

Caffeine used to block adenosine molecule and regulate the function of norepinephrine. Norepinephrine brings a positive impact on your memory. In the research, the participants are given the job to memorize a set of images. Some of them are giving caffeine, and some of them are not. They have been asked after 24 hours about the set of images. Those who have given caffeine show better results rather than the caffeine less people. Long-term memory loss treatment can be done with the regular cup of coffee.

Eat Some Berries

What causes memory loss? Memory loss is related to our brain. Diseases which impact in our brain also affect in our memory. HIV, thyroid gland infection and Alzheimer’s disease cause loss of brain cells. You can call them memory loss diseases too. Excess stress, anxiety or depression can also harm our memory. Berries are rich in anthocyanins and flavonoids which help to improve our brain function.

A study from the University and Peninsula medical school found that regular taking of berries strengthen our working memory. The effect stated to show up within three weeks after started taking berries. The university is still working with berries and finding out new benefits of taking berries regularly. In your old age, if you began to take berries regularly, the rate of your memory loss will reduce in satisfaction amount.

As I say, it is high in flavonoids which have an excellent reputation for improving the connection of your brain. They are beneficial for long-term memory and can remove the sudden memory loss problem. Eat some berries as a snack or mix it with some cereal. They are tasty and healthy at the same time. Besides the remedy from memory loss, it can also help you in many other health conditions.

Exercise To Improve Memory

Exercise helps us a lot in our daily life. We all know regular exercise can keep us fit physically. But do you do regular exercise can also improve your memory health? It can help you to reduce the tendency of memory loss. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise. Crane pose, lotus pose, standing forward bend, shoulder stand pose, plow pose, seated forward bend and tree stand pose is the name of some yoga poses which you can do for improving brain power.

If you are facing instant memory loss, regular exercise can be a solution for it. When you keep your body active, your spatial memory starts to improve. Special memory used to collect information about one’s environment and spatial orientation. Cognitive abilities can also be enhanced day by day. Cognitive ability is known as the ability of individuals to perform various mental activities.

Improvement of cognitive abilities means increase in your memory. So who are closely looking for relief from a memory loss problem, I will suggest them to start exercising every day. It will improve their memory recall ability and health too. Even walking is a form of exercise. So don’t sit on a chair lazily, start walking.

Better Sleep

One of the main reason for your memory loss is lack of sleep. When you don’t have a proper sleep at night, you will start to face memory loss symptoms. Most of the memory consolidation process occurs during our sleeping period. Memory consolidation is a process which encodes your memory in your brain. The memory which passes through the consolidation process used to remain as a long-term memory in your brain.

In research, we take 40 people and separate them into two parts.  We told all of them to study a specific passage. Then give them some hour break. One group take a little nap, and the other group passes their time eating or gossiping. Later on, when we ask them to say the passage, the group which takes a nap perform well rather than the opposite group.

When the brain collects memory for the first time, it stores the memory in the hippocampus. Memories in hippocampus can be quickly forgotten. But in the study,, we see that a proper sleep can push your memory to the neocortex. The neocortex is one kind of brains permanent storage. Permanent storage abstract the path of memories to lose. So they keep safe in your brain and can be recalled anytime. So if you are facing any problem regarding memory remembering, take a nap.


All of the five methods which I have discussed have scientific proof. We all face problems with our memory. Many important things start to remove from our mind after a particular time, and we begin to blame the age. But the real problem is far different. Some simple steps can help you to get relief from this memory loss problem. If you have already tried some of them, let us know about the result in the comment section. Don’t forget to like and share them with your friends.

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