7 foods you should stop for burning your belly fat

Introduction: Everyone wants to be beautiful. But achieving it is not so easy. You have to maintain proper diet and do regular exercise for achieving it. Better diet plan will help you gain nutrition without useless fat. Besides, exercise will make you more strong and fit. There are some foods which you should always avoid when you want to lose belly fat. Today, I will discuss about seven belly fat foods which you should avoid.

7 food list

lose belly fat

White bread

White breads are made from refined grains. It also contains gluten. Gluten is not good for our health. It tends to store fat in our body and damage belly fat diet. It will be good if you swipe refined grains with whole grains. There is no doubt that refined bread is tasty but they contain little nutritional value. We should eat for our body not for the taste. It is also low in fiber and protein which helps us in slow digestion. High blood sugar release excess insulin in our bloodstream which will increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. In a research, scientists claimed that refined carbohydrate can increase depression.

Industrial Vegetable Oils

People belly fat problem is increasing day by day. They have increased their rate of industrial oil consumption too. Industrial oil contains heavy amount of omega-6 fatty acids. Intake of omega-6 in this rate is so bad for our health. They are highly sensitive to oxidation and increase oxidative stress too. There also have some link up in increasing the risk of cancer. If you ask me, how to lose belly fat fast? I will suggest you to decrease the consumption of industrial oil. You can easily find alternatives for them, like coconut oil, butter, olive oil or avocado oil.


People used to thing that margarine is a healthy food and good for belly fat exercise. In past, they also consider margarine as a better alternative of butter. But fortunately people get to know the real thing. Margarine is a processed food loaded with artificial ingredients. Vegetables oils are used to make them more solid. So, it is rich in trans fat content. It can be leveled as a ‘no trans fat’ because per serving contains less than 0.5 g which is still enough to make your belly flow (smile). Avoid them and try to use homemade real butter.

Potato chips

Potatoes are good for our health. But potato chips are not that good for us. They are rich in fat and calories. Acrylamide chemical are also come in contact during frying the potato chips. This chemical can interfere in our DNA and increase the risk of cancer.  They fried the chips in high Fahrenheit so that the bright brown color of the chips come front. If you are exercising to lose belly fat, it will be good for you to avoid them. Try to eat potatoes with skin and boiled. It will provide you more nutrition rather than fried potatoes.

Agave nectar

We all know about the bad effects of sugars. They are usually unhealthy and bad for our body. Agave nectar is a sweetener. It claims to be natural and diabetes friendly sweetener. It is made from agave tree which can be mostly found in Mexico. Sugar syrups are extracted from the tree. This syrup contains high amount of fructan. Fructan turn into fructose during the heating process. This process destroys all its healthy property. Its rate of fructose is higher than regular sugar. Instead of them, you can use stevia which is natural and calorie free.


We all know low fat is good for our health. Most of the vegetables and fruits are low in fat. But processed low fat food used to contain large amount of sugar and low amount of healthy elements. Yogurt used to know as a healthy food for our body. Plain yoghurt can help you in the diet to lose belly fat. But low fat high sugar processed yogurt is not a healthy choice for us. It is rich in sugar like the deserts. It also contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is not good for our health. Try to eat plain yoghurt from the regular cows.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream is one of the most consumed foods in the world. Young or old everyone loves to eat ice cream. It contains load of sugars to make it delicious. Colors are also used for better look of the ice cream. They are really dangerous for our body and can increase the risk of cancer. Most of the ice cream also contains milk fat. It is cholesterol and a saturated fat. So, it can also cause heart disease or stroke. There are also some healthy benefits which you can gain if you make them at home with low sugars. You should understand, if you want to know how to reduce belly fat. The answer is say no to Ice Cream.


Health is the most precious wealth of the world. A better health can provide you better life and better mentality. People use to ask, how to lose belly fat?  Losing belly fat is a choice which you should make. Proper diet and exercise can provide you your desired health. Try to avoid unhealthy and harmful foods. I have discussed seven of them. Hope this will help you out. If you like my work, don’t forget to like, comment and share.


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