34 Best Leg Exercises Of All Time

Legs are part of your lower body part. Both of them should be strong for the sake of better health. Strong legs can provide you better daily performance. If you want to be a sportsman, you should be focused on your lower part of the body. You should do some regular exercise to keep them healthy. I will discuss with you 34 different types of best leg exercises. Hope you will find them helpful.

34 Exercises list

34 Best Leg Exercises Of All Time

1. Calf Raise

Stand straight and grasp a dumbbell in both hands. After that stand on a low chair and let your hand hang freely. Lift your both heels up at the same time and continue this process for 5 seconds. Regular practice of this body exercise can make your legs stronger than before.

2. Jumping Calf Raise

In this exercise, you will need to put your both hand behind your head and stand straight on the floor. Now, you should start jumping using only your calves. Try to land softly to the ground. You can do ten reps of this exercise regularly to build muscle on the calf.

3. Pause Squat

It is an easy exercise. Stand straight and take down your ribcage without carving your lower back. Pause in that position for five seconds and then go up. It will produce static strength to your lower back. You can add this exercise to your daily workout plans.

34 Best Leg Exercises Of All Time

4. Barbell Hip Thrust

Lay on the bench with a barbell on your hip. Make sure your feet are on the ground. Now push the barbell with your hip and continue the process. This glute exercise will help to improve the speed and power of your lower back.

5. Reverse Lunge

You need to put your hands on your hips and stand straight. Take your left foot backward while the right one should be stable. Now go down so that your hips become parallel to the ground. Repeat this method with your right leg.

6. Walking Lunge

Stand straight and put your hand on the hips widely. Now take a step with one leg and take the other leg down to your knee. Your upper body part should be straight. Take some walk in this process for better functional fitness.

34 Best Leg Exercises Of All Time

7. Leg Press

Try to make a perfect 90-degree angle with your torso and legs. Now, take your back support little low. After that, push some weight with your feet. You can choose your weight according to your ability. This exercise is known as one of the best lower body exercises.

8. Front Squat

The front squat is beneficial for lower body exercise. Load your bar with weights. Make sure that both of the sides contain equal weights. Put the bar in the squat rack measuring your chest height. Take a position to lift the bar with your shoulder and adjust a grip. Adjust your foot and do some squats.

9. Bulgarian Split Squat

Take a bench and stand straight showing back to it. Grip dumbbell on your both hand and put one of your legs on the bench. Now take your body near to the ground. Repeat this method with you another leg, and the single leg training is completed.

34 Best Leg Exercises Of All Time

10. Romanian Deadlift

Stand in front of a barbell. Go down and grasp the barbell tightly. Try to stand up and keep your core strong. Pause at your knee before lifting up. Besides legs benefit, it can also help you in body fat burning.

11. Squat

You need to stand straight and put hands on the air. Now try to sit down in a chair and then go back to the previous position. Continue this process, and you should know that it is known as a king of all exercise.

12. Skater Squat

Stand on one leg with a straight posture. Now take your left foot back down to the knee, and the right leg should be unmoved. Interchange your legs and continue this process. Try to do at least ten reps a day.

34 Best Leg Exercises Of All Time

13. Dumbbell Step Ups

You need to take some dumbbell in your hands. Put a low bench in front of you. Stand straight and step up to the bench with your left leg first. After that, do the same thing with your right leg.

14. Bodyweight Calf Raise

You need to step into a place where you can balance your toes. Then you need to raise your heels up and down. Make sure you do not rest on the bottom and repeat the exercise.

15. Overhead Lunge

Take a weight plate over your head and stand straight. Take your right foot little forward and bend your left foot up to your knees. Repeat the same posture with your left foot and do some reps.

34 Best Leg Exercises Of All Time

16. Deadlift

Take a weight bar and stand in front of it. Band and grasp the bar tightly. Now pull the bar and make your body posture straight. Later, put the weight down and repeat the exercise.

17. Box Jump

Take a box within the height of your jumping ability. Stand straightly in front of it and jump up to the box. Make sure your feet do not collapse during the jump.

18. Standing Calf Raise

Take a bar on your shoulder and stand straight. Now slowly push your feet upward and slowly go down. Regularly do this exercise for strong legs.

34 Best Leg Exercises Of All Time

19. Jump Squat

You need to stand in a good posture. After that, take your body downward and to go upward jump widely. In this exercise, you need to be on air for sometimes.

20. Seated Calf Raise

Sit on the calf raise machine and place your thighs under the lever pad. Adjust your thighs properly and try to lift up and down the lever pad.

21. Reverse Table Up

Sit on the ground and bring your knees close to the chest. Put your hands behind your back. Slowly take your hips up and make table position. Stay in that position for 5 seconds and slowly comes down.

34 Best Leg Exercises Of All Time

22. Glute Bridge Workout

Lay down straight on the ground and bend both knees. Put your both hand apart from your body for balance. Now slowly take your hips up and down.

23. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Take some weight on your hands with straight body posture. Now push your left leg backward and your upper body towards the ground. Back to the first position and do the same things with your right leg.

24. Single Leg Glute Bridge

You need to lay on the ground and bend your knees. After that, take your left leg off The ground and straight. Now slowly take your hips upward. Change the legs and do the same thing.

34 Best Leg Exercises Of All Time

25. Swiss Ball Leg Curl

Take a ball and lay on the ground. Put your foot in the top of the ball and brings it towards you with the help of your foot. Repeat this exercise regularly for better leg condition.

26. Kettlebell Press Out

Take a kettlebell near your chest and stand straight. Now sit down up to your knees and push the kettlebell forward. Change your standing direction and repeat the exercise.

27. Kettlebell Swing

You need to put the kettlebell in front of you and bend towards it. Hold it tightly and swing it forward and backward by the middle of your legs.

34 Best Leg Exercises Of All Time

28. Dumbbell Squat

Put you to feet little apart from each other and stand straight. Take some weight in both hands. Now try to put your hand straight and take your body downward. Back to the first position and repeat.

29. Swiss Ball Wall Squat

You will need a Swiss ball in the middle of your body and wall. After that, stand straight into semi-squats. It will help your back and legs at the same time.

30. Goblet Squat

In the first position, you need to hold a kettlebell near to your chest. Now, do some squats until your hamstring touches your calves. Pause at that position and return to the first one.

34 Best Leg Exercises Of All Time

31. Suspension Trainer Leg Curl

Lay down on your back and attach your legs with suspension straps. To do the exercise, you need to bring your feet towards your back thighs.

32. Banded Lateral Walk

Banded your two legs above the ankle and take a squat position slightly. Now, start walking in a straight line towards your hand.

33. Thruster

Put a bar on your front rack and do some squat. When you come back from a squat sitting position, push the bar upward. Repeat the same process and do some reps.34 Best Leg Exercises Of All Time

34. Staggered Stance Deadlift

Hold a bar on to your hips and put your left leg slightly backward. Now, start to pull the bar up and down. Repeat the same methods with your right leg and make your lower body tougher.



Lower body is one of the most important parts of a human body. They allow you to walk, run, jump and to do many other things. You should take proper care of them for better services. I have talked about 34 different workouts for your legs which you can add to your body lunge fest. If you want to appreciate us, don’t forget to like, comment and share.


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