avoid 5 worst foods at breakfast

You must avoid 5 worst foods at breakfast for Better Health

Introduction: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can have a fresh start of the day with a healthy breakfast. But you should know what you are eating at breakfast good for your health or not. There are some foods which you should always avoid. It is better to stay hungry rather than eating unhealthy food. Try to include fiber, protein and healthy fat in your breakfast. Today, I will not discuss about the best breakfast. I will talk about the food which you should always avoid in your breakfast. Let’s see.

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Cereal Package

Children love to have cereal in their breakfast. Mothers also think that cereal contains healthy ingredients which is good for their children health. The cereal package used to level that they have whole grains in their product. But the reality is far more different. They also claim that the product contains vitamin A and iron which is a good source of nutrition.

This vitamin and minerals are added to the cereal in the synthetic method. The method is known as fortification. Fortification allows inserting nutrition ingredient artificially into the products. In a research, it came in front that fortification improve the immune system in the first stage but end up making your kids sick.

The first two critical ingredients of cereal contain a high amount of sugar.  One cup of cereal contains more sugar than three packets of chocolate chips. High intake of sugar can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and many other chronic health conditions. Remove this from your healthy food list and add some low-calorie food in your breakfast list.

Pan Cakes

Pancakes are one of the most popular breakfasts at home or in a restaurant. Pancakes are made of flour, egg, sugar, and milk. Most of the ingredient have good nutrition value. But in the process of making a pancake, they lost most of their beneficial ingredients. They are cooked specially to achieve their distinct shape and texture. The cake contains sugar syrup which is high in fructose. Fructose cause inflammation and insulin which can also lead to type 2 diabetes.

It is a stock of refined carbohydrates which can increase your blood sugar. It also increases the triglycerides and the risk of heart attack. White flour is the top reason for making pancake as bad food for your health. Refined flour removes the fiber, vitamin, and minerals from it. It also comes in contact with a harmful chemical during the process. But a homemade pancake using milled flour and from natural sugar can add some nutrition to your health. It can only be a healthy snack if you make it at home with natural ingredients.

Toast With Margarine

We eat food for better health. The first meal of your day is breakfast. It is right for you if you take healthy meals in your breakfast. People used to make toast with margarine thinking that they are good for their health. But the truth is that they contain many harmful ingredients for your health. They are made of refined flour. Refined flour is rich in refined carbs and low in fiber. Refined carbs can increase your blood sugar level in your bloodstream.

High level of blood sugar makes you more hungry and help you to eat more which will lead you to gain weight. It is leveled in margarine that they have no trans fat. They are allowed to do that because per serving of margarine does not have more than 0.5 gram of trans fat. But this amount is enough for causing high inflammation and increase the risk of heart disease. Skip this toast and replace it with the healthy fast food.

Fruits Juice

We all consider fruit juice as a healthy fluid for our body. It is not right in full. Fruit juice contains a high amount of fructose syrup to make it tastier. Fructose is a lousy ingredient which can lead your health towards metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and other diseases. Even if your juice is homemade, they are also rich in sugar. The excess level of sugar is not good for our health. It can push you toward eating more and gain weight.

Consuming a sugar sweet beverage is equal to a fruit juice. Both of them contain high sugar, and a large amount of intake will harm your health. It also does not have any fat or fiber for slowing down your absorption. It can cause insulin and drop of blood sugar. Low blood sugar can make you feel tired and hungry. Drinking fruit juice in your breakfast is not one of the healthy eating habits. It is rather than the worst habit that anyone can have.

Granola Bars

Granola bars are made up of oats. Unprocessed oats contain a high amount of fiber. But the granola bars do not contain more than two gram of fiber on average. They are vastly popular in the Commonwealth nation. Most of them think that they are low-fat foods and good for our health. But they should know that it contains a lot of sugar. Sugar, honey, corn syrup, and chocolate is used to make granola bars.

This tremendous amount of sugar can trigger a rise in blood sugar, insulin level, and even inflammation. The amount of protein content is also not outstanding. I will advise you if you have it on your breakfast list, remove it immediately. It only sounds healthy but not that healthy. It is better for you if you take fresh oat from the tree with some raw milk.


There are some foods which have a reputation for being healthy. But if you do some research, you will find out that some of them are not that good for your health. They are providing you with a low rate of nutritional value with a high rate of sugar or any other unhealthy ingredients. Try to avoid this five food for better health and add some new healthy diet. If you find our hard work appealing, don’t forget to like, comment, and share.

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