Belly Fat

With the increasingly busy lifestyles that people have now-a-days, they face an enormous no of health problems like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid and the list go on! And a no lesser contribution to all these is made by the food that they consume. A well known and yet least accepted fact is that most of the health problems arise from eating either inadequate quantity of food or eating food with no or less nutritional quotient.

Now-a-days, belly fat is like a hot potato- many people complain about this sluggish mass that’s concentrated around just one part of their body, which definitely affects their appearance. Before discussing on the food items that one should be eating for reducing the belly fat, it’s important to know what the fat is and why it only concentrates around the belly and what triggers it.

What is belly fat?

Belly fat is the excessive fat that gets accumulated in the abdominal regions. The fat is basically categorized into 3 types:

  • Triglycerides: It’s the fat that circulates in the blood
  • Subcutaneous fat: It’s the fat that lies directly below the skin
  • Visceral fat: It’s the fat located below the muscles and is the most potent one.

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Is it harmful?

Just the mere fact of it being concentrated in one region of the body should not make you feel that it doesn’t do much harm to the body. It can have many adverse impacts on you:

  • The excess production of hormones and chemicals can have a negative impact on the normal functioning of the body.
  • Excessive visceral fat can cause health issues like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

What triggers it?

Junk food, inadequate sleep, and a lifestyle that lacks exercise are the most common reasons of belly fats. Also, those who have a work that demands a good sitting face more problem of the belly fat. In some cases, it can even be due to hereditary reasons.

How to know that you’re in danger?

A regular measurement can help you in knowing if you’ve an excess belly fat. For women, a measurement of 35 inches or more and for men, a measurement of 40 inches or more is dangerous and a signal that you need to work upon reducing your belly fat.

Having given a briefing about what belly fat is and why should it be avoided, lets come to the ways in which it can be dealt with and reduced just by introducing certain food items in your day to day life.

  1. Fruits

A rich source of minerals and vitamins, fruits contains natural acids that burn the belly fat faster.

  1. Pulses

Pulses offer an ideal low-calorie and protein-rich diet that accelerates the loss of belly fat.

  1. Fish

A storehouse of proteins and omega-3, fish reduces the fat accumulation that is triggered due to stress.

  1. Almonds

A good source of nutrients and good fats, almonds keep your hunger satisfied for a good amount of time. They also enhance your metabolism due the rich omega-3 content.

  1. Legumes

Being a rich source of proteins, legumes prevent overeating and help In getting away with the unnecessary hunger urges.

  1. Oats

Rich in fibers, oats contain carbs that energize you after a tiring workout. They turn out to be one of the best breakfast meals.

  1. Olive Oil

Using olive oil to cook your food is extremely beneficial as it lowers the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and raises the good cholesterol.

  1. Chia seeds

Chia seeds are a new trend amongst all the food items for reducing the belly fat and hence you’ll see them as a seasoning on the salads and smoothies. They improve the metabolism and hence prevent the overeating.

  1. Mushrooms

Being a great source of Vitamin D and water, mushrooms help in getting away with the stubborn belly fat.

  1. Raspberries

A powerhouse of Vitamin C, raspberries are rich in antioxidants and hence help in flushing out toxins from the body.

  1. Coconut Oil

A storehouse of good fats, coconut oil reduces the bad cholesterol in the blood and thus helps in getting away with the belly fat.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are well known for their protein content and so are an ideal and easy item for consumption to reduce the belly fat.

  1. Brocolli

One of the best remedies for belly fat is the broccoli, which serves you a lot of benefits. Not only does its consumption reduces the probability of Type 2 diabetes, but it also boost the metabolism and strengthens the immunity.

  1. Nuts

Nuts are a wonderful option for losing belly fat as they satisfy the hunger due to their healthy fats and proteins and also get away with your urge of eating the junk.

  1. Farro

Also known as emmer, faro is a dry wheat product and a storehouse of minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B. Rich in fiber, it helps in cleansing the colon.

  1. Yoghurt

Rich in gut bacteria, yoghurt ensures good health of the gut and hence accelerates the loss of belly fat.

  1. Sauerkraut

Also known as Kimchi, Sauerkraut is a fermented food and is rich in gut bacteria (also known as probiotics) that not only improves digestion but also reduces bloating.

  1. Spirulina

A single cell protein, Spirulina, triggers the reduction of belly fat by suppressing the urge of hunger. Not only is it low in calories, but it is also helpful in lowering the blood pressure. If you think that eating it solely is boring, you can even add it on salads and juices.

Incorporating some of these items in one’s lifestyle will definitely help one to get rid of that adamant belly fat and with get rid of even the serious health issues that the fat brings along with itself. you can share them below in the comment section and don’t forget to like and share.

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